Ravi Agarwal

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#GRC2024 / #giantridingclubIN

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Ravi Agarwal

Group Name:

Giant Cycling World

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Expressing heartfelt gratitude for the invitation to join the upcoming ride, Ravi Agaarwal eagerly confirms his attendance, anticipating an exciting and memorable adventure. Ravi appreciates being considered for the event, emphasizing the significance of the invitation and his genuine enthusiasm to spend time with the organizer and the group.

Sharing a passion for outdoor activities and exploring new places, Ravi is excited about connecting with like-minded individuals during the ride. He looks forward to engaging in conversations centered around their common love for adventure and exploration, fostering new connections and friendships.

To demonstrate his commitment, Ravi assures punctuality, thorough preparation, and physical readiness for the ride. He pledges to double-check his bike, gather all necessary gear, and ensure he is fully prepared on the designated day.

In closing, Ravi extends gratitude once again for the invitation and expresses genuine excitement about the upcoming experience. He invites further guidance on any additional preparations required and eagerly anticipates the adventure ahead.

Ride Details

Ride Date Distance (KM) No. of Rides Elevation Gain(M) Total Participants
14-Jan-24 40.95 1 83 79
28-Jan-24 63.37 1 256 45
11-Feb-24 79.64 1 491 45
23-Feb-24 43.57 1 63 49
10-Mar-24 65.12 1 455 34
31-Mar-24 39.22 1 101 63
Total 331.87 6 1449 315