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Simran jassi

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Bombay cycle House

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Introducing Simran Jassi, a dedicated cycling enthusiast with a rich five-year journey exploring a spectrum of rides, from invigorating sprints to challenging Bravae routes. Her favored companion on the trails is the powerful Giant MTB Talon 2. More than a mere activity, cycling is Simran's fervent passion, symbolizing adventure and personal growth. Every ride, whether a swift sprint or a conquer-the-mountain trail, serves as a testament to her profound love for cycling. For Simran, cycling transcends the physical; it's a transformative journey that encapsulates both exhilaration and personal development. 🚴‍

Ride Details

Ride Date Distance (KM) No. of Rides Elevation Gain(M) Total Participants
7-Jan-24 43.81 1 112 23
21-Jan-24 35.97 1 101 25
11-Feb-24 33.10 1 117 22
25-Feb-24 39.74 1 133 25
10-Mar-24 40.58 1 103 22
24-Mar-24 47.89 1 88 21
Total 241.09 6 654 138