Subhodh Bahl

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Subhodh Bahl

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The Bike Shop

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Subodh's cycling journey began in 2012 when he relocated from Toronto to British Columbia, Canada. Unfortunately, a sudden crash in 2014 forced him to step away from sports and cycling. However, in 2023, fate smiled upon him when he encountered a fantastic group of riders and athletes at Delhi Cyclists, reigniting his passion for cycling.

Balancing his role as a management consultant during the week, Subodh transforms into an avid cyclist on the weekends. His love for exploration extends to the city, where he pedals through its various facets. Beyond cycling, he enjoys playing music and is a passionate food and beverage enthusiast. Subodh's story is a testament to the resilience that can be found in rediscovering one's passions and finding inspiration in unexpected places.

Ride Details

Ride Date Distance (KM) No. of Rides Elevation Gain(M) Total Participants
7-Jan-2024 57.77 1 157 21
26-Jan-2024 42.06 1 125 23
4-Feb-24 20.32 1 48 20
18-Feb-24 62.37 1 286 23
10-Mar-24 0 1 0 26
31-Mar-24 62.37 1 48 21
Total 244.89 6 664 134