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Amit Ghuge

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Dedicated to the exhilarating world of cycling for the past four years, I proudly achieved the esteemed title of Super Randonneur last year, conquering challenging distances of 200km, 300km, 400km, and 600km in cycle rides. My commitment to this passion is evident in the impressive 15,600km recorded on Strava, a testament to the countless hours spent on the saddle exploring the roads.

Participating in GRC rides has been a notable highlight, adding a layer of community and camaraderie to my cycling journey. On a daily basis, I embrace the thrill of the ride, covering an impressive 20-25km each day, further solidifying cycling as an integral part of my routine.

Beyond routine rides, I undertook the incredible Nashik to Pandharpur cycle wari, a challenging and spiritually enriching journey. Additionally, I completed the Nashik to Kotamgaon cycle wari not once, but three times, showcasing my enduring passion for long-distance cycling and a commitment to overcoming challenges.

As I continue to explore new horizons on two wheels, each pedal stroke represents not just a physical feat, but a celebration of the joy and fulfillment that cycling brings to my life.

Ride Details

Ride Date Distance (KM) No. of Rides Elevation Gain(M) Total Participants
21-Jan-24 60.24 1 371 40
28-Jan-24 54.14 1 277 26
18-Feb-24 45.31 1 203 40
25-Feb-24 34.87 1 169 60
3-Mar-24 60.31 1 284 62
24-Mar-24 62.03 1 428 107
Total 316.9 6 1732 335