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4 Zone Peleton

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Hello! We represent the 4ZONE PELOTON CLUB, dedicated to fostering cycling culture within Madurai district. Our primary focus revolves around cycle touring, providing robust cycle service support, and establishing a competitive racing team in the district. These objectives drive our club's mission. Cycling, undoubtedly one of the best exercises, often thrives in group settings. Recognizing this, we formed 4ZONE PELOTON CLUB to encourage and facilitate group rides, making cycling more accessible and enjoyable for enthusiasts in our area. As the lead rider, I'm Manobala, a passionate cyclist. I proudly participated in last year's state-level competition, securing the 6th position. Alongside my fellow team members at 4ZONE PELOTON, we are devoted to developing a competitive racing team within our district.

Ride Details

Ride Date Distance (KM) No. of Rides Elevation Gain(M) Total Participants
21-Jan-24 36.43 1 36.43 20
11-Feb-24 36.36 1 73 20
25-Feb-24 36.54 1 108 20
10-Mar-24 35.50 1 70 21
Total 144.83 4 287.43 81