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Vaishali Pawar

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MBCA - Mira Bhayander Cycling Association

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The Mira Bhayander Cycling Association (MBCA) stands as a beacon of community spirit and a promoter of healthy lifestyles in the city of Mira Bhayander. It holds the distinction of being the only and largest cycling group in the area, setting itself apart as a pioneering force in community cycling associations.

MBCA has left an indelible mark with its innovative initiatives, notably being the first in India to introduce a Network of Free Bicycle Puncture Kits across seven strategic locations. This forward-thinking move reflects the group's unwavering commitment to the convenience and safety of cyclists and the broader community.

Over the past three years, MBCA has demonstrated steadfast dedication to its Monthly Calendar of Daily Rides, encouraging regular cycling and fostering a strong sense of community among its members. Unique to the group is the monthly recognition of outstanding contributions through the ""Rider of the Month"" accolade, showcasing its commitment to acknowledging and celebrating its members.

Setting itself apart as the Strictest Group, MBCA upholds its Rules, Regulations, and Policy with uncompromising integrity. This commitment to discipline and order creates a safe and respectful environment, distinguishing MBCA as a leader in community organization.

MBCA's engagement extends beyond routine cycling activities to include flagship events that contribute to the vibrancy and purpose of their pursuits. Events like ""Ride For Her Pride,"" ""Cycle/Run to Plant the Tree,"" ""Beat Diabetes,"" ""Killa Cyclothon with City Corporation,"" ""Mira Bhy Cyclothon supported by Wockhardt Hospitals,"" and the ""Monsoon Champions League"" underscore MBCA's diverse involvement in the community and dedication to social causes.

Notably, MBCA places a strong emphasis on togetherness, celebrating all festivals in collaboration with neighboring cycling associations. This collaborative approach fosters unity and camaraderie among cycling enthusiasts, further enriching the community experience.

In summary, MBCA's journey as the foremost cycling group in Mira Bhayander is characterized by innovation, discipline, and extensive community engagement. Through a diverse array of activities and events, MBCA continues to pedal towards creating a healthier, more connected community, leaving an enduring imprint on the city's cycling landscape."

Ride Details

Ride Date Distance (KM) No. of Rides Elevation Gain(M) Total Participants
7-Jan-24 45.78 1 211 24
21-Jan-24 34.69 1 98 46
4-Feb-24 32.14 1 112 27
18-Feb-24 36.74 1 121 27
Total 149.35 4 542 124