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Cycling club Ambala

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I am thrilled to confirm my participation as a lead rider at GRC 2024. My daily cycling regimen spans around 30km, and within our club, we love embracing challenges, especially during tough conditions like heavy fog and cold. This December, despite the weather, we're proud to have 30 determined riders taking part in our challenge.Our cycling routine involves daily rides with fellow enthusiasts and a weekly Sunday group ride. Additionally, we cherish coming together for special occasions such as Republic Day, Independence Day, and various festivals with group rides that signify unity and celebration.The prospect of joining the Giant Riding Club is incredibly enticing. I'm genuinely interested in becoming part of this vibrant cycling community and contributing our enthusiasm and dedication to the collective riding experience.

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25-Feb-24 Ambala Amrapali Resorts Jaggi City Centre 46 Join Now

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Ride Date Distance (KM) No. of Rides Elevation Gain(M) Total Participants
11-Feb-24 30.22 1 139 30
Total 30.22 1 139 30