Dibya Ranjan Panda

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Dibya Ranjan Panda

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Greater Noida West Riders Club

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I'm Dibya Ranjan, an IT Project Leader specializing in software application testing. In pursuit of a healthier and more energetic lifestyle, I initiated a daily riding club. Commuting around 30kms daily to and from the office kick-started this endeavor. I found joy in longer rides, often journeying to temples and other destinations. My club initially catered to beginners, gradually nurturing them into regular riders. We progressed from shorter 30-40km fun rides to challenging endurance trips spanning 80-100km, exploring landmarks like Qutub Minar and India Gate. Now, as a united group, we pedal together, embracing a lifestyle defined by health, energy, and happiness. In 2017 and 2018, I successfully completed the Saksham Pedal Delhi, showcasing my dedication to cycling. The following year, in 2022, I achieved a significant milestone by securing the title of the 3rd Giant Virtual Challenge (GRC) winner, demonstrating my prowess in virtual cycling competitions. In 2023, I continued my winning streak by emerging victorious in the Firefox Firestorm competition, showcasing my consistent commitment to excellence. Additionally, I proudly finished the HCL Cyclothon in the same year, solidifying my position as a skilled cyclist and participant in renowned cycling events. These achievements collectively highlight my passion for cycling and my ability to excel in diverse and challenging cycling competitions.   

Ride Details

Ride Date Distance (KM) No. of Rides Elevation Gain(M) Total Participants
7-Jan-24 54.38 1 84 21
21-Jan-24 51.92 1 78 21
4-Feb-24 60.43 1 112 24
18-Feb-24 35.23 1 46 21
Total 201.96 4 320 87