The sun gradually appears over the Arabian Sea, casting a warm glow on the historic structure. Beneath the iconic arch of the Gateway of India, a sea of bicycles gathers. Their wheels spinning in the morning light and with red blinkers torching their way to dawn. This is a special occasion. A gathering of Giant Bicycle Ride (GRC 2024), a popular cycling event that takes riders on a journey through the heart of Mumbai, culminating at the city’s most recognizable landmark.
The inaugural ride of the Giant Riding Club (GRC 2024) was nothing short of a celebration. The passionate riders bonded over rewarding moments where pedal and pigeons greeted each other smiling over conversations. Two monumental landmarks, ‘Gateway of India’ and the Taj Mahal Hotel’ where world travelers meet, showed their best sides to the visitors attracting admiration and respect for their architectural marvel.
Emotions surged and bonds were established over a sip of hot beverage on a chilly Sunday morning. The feelings reminded us of our humble beginnings as novice cyclists and the best decision we made by improving our lifestyle through cycling. The time spent at the Gateway of India was more than just arriving a destination; it’s a culmination of shared effort, a celebration of Mumbai’s spirit, and a victory over the city’s urban sprawl.

The Giant Riding Club’s Mumbai ride is more than just a physical challenge; it’s a cultural immersion, a testament to the power of community, and a reminder that even in the most crowded cities, there’s space for adventure. It’s a chance to see Mumbai through a different lens, to connect with its people and its vibrant pulse. It’s a powerful message of sustainability, promoting eco-friendly transportation and a healthy lifestyle.

A short poetry written by me and dedicated to the cycling community of the world:

A Giant Bicycle is for You!
You are not alone, a Giant bicycle is with you,
Hurdles along the route shall be crossed,
Pain and pleasure will be sought,
Hardships and setbacks will be fought,
Lessons and morals will be taught,
Tough times will be left behind,
Every pedal stroke will lift your mood to cloud nine,
In unity our safety lies,
Joy galore with memories combine,
Like a river our emotions flow,
May our tribe continue to grow,
Collectively we will outshine,
The fears of being confined,
Energy shall peak and the spirits will rise,
These thoughts aren’t for a limited few,
Your belief in the power of bicycles is as good as mine,
A Giant bicycle is always with you!
– Author Vijay Malhotra

Photo Credits: Ravi Agarwal

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