Pedalling along with friends at the kiss of the dawn, the wind in the hair with the first ray of light and the blossoming camaraderie of the morning. It’s time to relive those cherished moments again. The Giant Riding Club (GRC) 2024 season returns with a renewed promise of joy and companionship at the stroke of every pedal. Crank it up! as the forthcoming edition of GRC 2024 will be bigger, better, and more adventurous than before.

Fond Memories:

I remember joining the GRC club during the pandemic and doing my first ride in Feb’21. I wasn’t sure of riding in a large group. The doubt was whether I would be safe and be able to go the distance? Would I be able to match the pace of other riders? To my surprise, I was able to surpass all apprehensions as the rides were accommodating, easy to medium paced and inclusive.

Since then, I have been participating in GRC for the past couple of years. What I like most about the Giant rides is that there is a Lead Rider to guide you and there are people from the technical team to support you and handle breakdowns. I remember, last year my co-rider had a flat tyre and the technical team responded with a prompt action. He was up and rolling swiftly. Having a back-up vehicle always helps in saving time and allows us to maintain a steady momentum.


Sustainable and Fit India Initiative:

Giant bicycles and Giant riding club rides can be considered unofficially aligned with the ‘Fit India movement’, a government initiative promoting health and fitness across India. Along with cycling, the focus is to nurture an active lifestyle, community building, and promote physical and mental well-being. Cycling is a sustainable mode of transportation that reduces air pollution and promotes environmental responsibility. This resonates with Fit India’s focus on promoting healthy habits that benefit both individuals and the planet.

Thus, Giant bicycles and Giant riding club rides, through their emphasis on cycling, community, and environmental responsibility, offer valuable contributions to the Fit India movement’s mission of promoting health and fitness for all in India.

In it’s third season, the Giant Ride Challenge (GRC) continues to garner enthusiastic participation within the cycling community. With an anticipated turnout exceeding 15,000 cyclists, this year’s event promises to be a culmination of fitness, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. Our paramount objective remains ensuring a secure and conducive environment for all participants to pursue their fitness aspirations through the GRC platform. Upholding safety as our utmost priority, we endeavor to facilitate a seamless execution of all activities, fostering an atmosphere where every cyclist can relish the experience and achieve their goals while enjoying the thrill of cycling. As we embark on this journey, We hope that like every year all activities are completed safely and everyone has fun cycling! – Giant Bicycles India

GRC – A Test of Endurance:

Even though GRC club rides are open for all, at times the rides can be a test of endurance for several reasons such as –

Distance: Many Giant Riding Club rides cover significant distances, ranging from shorter 40-50 km outings to challenging century rides exceeding 100 kms. These longer distances demand sustained physical effort and push riders to test their limits.

Terrain: Depending on the location and type of ride, the terrain can vary greatly. Hilly courses with steep climbs and descents will significantly increase difficulty and require significant leg strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Pace: While some rides cater to beginners and offer leisurely options, others attract competitive riders pushing for faster times. These faster-paced rides require riders to maintain a high intensity throughout, testing their capacity and stamina.

Weather: Rides typically are held between Jan-Mar during which the average temperature ranges from 22 degrees 32 degrees, with some cities experiencing more heat. The weather can make riding more challenging and test riders’ mental and physical resilience to adapt.


Additional Factors: Beyond the physical aspects, factors like equipment maintenance, nutrition, and hydration play a crucial role in endurance. Riders need to ensure their bikes are in good condition, fuel their bodies properly, and stay hydrated to perform their best for the duration of the ride. Giant Exclusive Stores and Dealer partners invite riders for a complimentary tune-up and elementary fixes before the rides. All participants must avail such services in advance.

Overall, Giant Bicycles Giant Riding Club rides offer a variety of challenges that can test riders endurance in different ways. The specific combination of distance, terrain, pace, and weather will determine the difficulty level and how much each rider is pushed to their limits.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember that endurance is not just about physical strength; it also involves mental toughness and the ability to push through fatigue and discomfort. Participating in challenging rides can build both physical and mental resilience, making them a rewarding experience for riders of all levels.

Official Giant Jerseys:

As a tradition, Giant Bicycles India introduces Jerseys every season which are accessible to all participants. The 2024 jerseys have been revealed in five refreshing colors – orange, blue, red, pink, and green. You can Pre book the Jersey using coupon code ‘GRC2024” on the Giant India website and get Rs. 500/- off. The MRP of the Jersey is Rs. 2500/-


From left to right: Giant Jersey of 2022, 2023 and 2024.

An Event of Strengthening Bonds:

GRC rides are all about socializing, having fun conversations and making new friends. It’s an occasion to share and gain knowledge from experienced riders. And the best part is that I get to see, and test ride a variety of bicycles. As a cycling enthusiast, it provides a window of opportunity to learn about different types of bicycles in the market, some are latest, some are classic – no matter what the make is; they are all a testament of different use cases.

The mood in the morning is energetic and awe-inspiring with riders charged up to embark on a soul-stirring journey. And once you arrive at your destination, there are “Tea-rrific times ahead”. We all savour on a cup of hot tea pouring from a container into a cup warming up our hearts and souls. And those delicious cookies that complement the hot beverage becomes the highpoint of the morning in the backdrop of a scenic view. A moment of nirvana! We gather for group photos with a loud roar “Sip, sip hooray! It’s tea-time”.

We calmly make our way to the start point and regroup for an appetizing breakfast at the Giant Store. The hospitality is beyond appreciation, and I must say that Giant certainly goes the extra mile to take care of all the cyclists. The ride concludes with a goodbye and a promise to meet again for another invigorating journey.

Rider Testimonial – Sujata Rangaraj:
“For the past two years, my cycling journey has been enriched by the exhilarating experiences with the Giant Riding Club (GRC). What sets these rides apart is the camaraderie fostered in the vast groups that embark on lengthy journeys, creating not just memories but lasting friendships. The hallmark of GRC rides lies in their impeccable organization. Every adventure begins with a ceremonious flag-off, complete with video recordings and photographs to immortalize the shared excitement. The entire Giant team, adorned with warm smiles, accompanies us in support vehicles, ensuring a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere throughout the ride. As we pedal our way through scenic landscapes and challenging routes, the bonds formed among fellow cyclists become as enduring as the trails we conquer. The journey is not just about conquering distances; it’s about forging connections and building a community of like-minded enthusiasts. The GRC experience reaches it’s crescendo at the destination, where the fatigue of the ride is met with the satisfaction of accomplishment. Here, refreshments are served, creating a relaxed and celebratory atmosphere for riders to share their stories and relish the sense of achievement. Looking ahead, each GRC ride promises not only a physical challenge but also a soul-enriching adventure. The anticipation of well-organized rides, the warmth of new friendships, and the joy of shared accomplishments make me eagerly await the next cycling escapade with the Giant Riding Club.

Awards and Recognition:

At GRC, the respect and mutual admiration flows all along with recognition awarded to consistent riders of the season in the form of medals and certificates. The most consistent riders of the season earn a loud cheer from the fellow riders and find a place in the ‘Hall of Fame’ – the official social media handles of Giant Bicycles India. It’s indeed a proud feeling to get a chance to be featured by Giant Bicycles India and take away those mementos with memories etched in our hearts forever.

GRC is all about discovering hidden reserves of strength and learning that teamwork truly makes the dream work. The sense of accomplishment, the shared victory with fellow riders, and the memories forged in sweat and smiles – these are the souvenirs I take home from the GRC.


The Giant GRC isn’t just a ride; it’s an experience that transforms you. It’s a testament to the power of two wheels, the magic of human connection, and the enduring spirit of adventure.

So, if you’re looking for a challenge that pushes you beyond your comfort zone, a community that embraces you with open arms, and a story that will stay with you forever, then, my friend, sign up for the next Giant GRC ride. You won’t regret it.

See you at the start line, until then Happy Cycling!

GRC 2024 Ride Dates:

GRC 2024 will be held between January to March every weekend (Saturday/Sunday) through either dealer or Cycling clubs Pan India.


The routes and ride destinations vary from city to city and are announced in the local Giant Bicycle What’s app groups and social media pages.

How can people participate Nationally:

Cyclists from across India are welcome to participate in the GRC 2024 rides by connecting with us on Strava and joining the Giant Riding Club. By becoming a member, you will have access to all the details regarding the rides, including specific dates and times. Strava, a popular platform among cyclists, will serve as the hub for information and coordination. Joining the Giant Riding Club through Strava ensures that you stay informed about upcoming rides, allowing you to plan your participation accordingly. To join, click here: Giant Riding Club

About GRC 2024:

GRC 2024, stands for “Giant Riding Club.” It is a nationwide group cycling campaign organized by Giant Bicycles India. The primary goal of GRC is to promote the sport of cycling and create a harmonious environment for riders to travel together and grow as individuals. Giant Bicycles, the organizer of GRC, has a history dating back to 1972 and has played a significant role in advancing the cycling industry. Over the years, Giant has been a catalyst for change by introducing innovations such as lighter and stronger aluminum frames, making carbon fiber bikes widely available, and pioneering technologies like Compact Road and Maestro Suspension for road racing and off-road performance bikes, respectively. The spirit of innovation at Giant continues to thrive, with a collection of gear and apparel developed and tested by top teams and athletes in professional racing. In summary, GRC is a cycling initiative by Giant Bicycles India, aimed at bringing cycling enthusiasts together, promoting the sport, and fostering a sense of community among riders.

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