GRC 2024- As Kolkata Ushered Yet Another Season of Cycling

As the winter slowly turned into spring that cold spell that hindered all the enthusiast riders from coming out riding, finally changed. Kolkata opened with yet another grand season of GRC 2024.

What is GRC 2024?

Giant is one of the world-renowned brands of cycles, which has a global presence in many countries. Thus, Giant India is organizing a Pan India cycling initiative to promote sustainable sports, aligning their objective with the government’s ‘Fit India Movement’ program to highlight and bring together a joyful community of cyclists across India. It not only promotes healthy living but also works towards environmental benefits and as well as towards mental wellbeing.


GRC, which stands for Giant Riding Club organizes this event in multiple cities with the help of local bicycle clubs. These clubs are given the target dates to organize the rides by coordinating end-to-end event flow. They ensure safety and coordination and enjoyment of course! The GRC rides usually take place between January to March depending not the location, weather feasibility, and other factors that are best suited for each city.

17th Feb’2024 Kolkata had its inaugural ride with a massive 70+ riders 

As the sun slid past through the foggy morning of 17th February 2024. With the weather slowly turning comfortable, Kolkata finally rose from the spell of winter to usher into the spring with a massive opening with the first ride of GRC 2024. With a staggering registration of more than 60 riders from different parts of the city, early morning did witness one of the massive cyclothon event. The inaugural event became a huge success as riders of various capacities (casual and regular ones) turned up in large numbers. Cycle Network Grow one of the largest core cycling groups in Kolkata organised this event. 

 GRC cycling

So the place was set, the menu and the chai point were decided, which often remains one of the main highlights of gathering all cycling enthusiasts for a friendly camaraderie. The route was decided in such a way that riders from all zones could connect at a convenient time to reach the destination for a meeting and greeting session. CNG ensures the usual safety and the group ride rules during each of their group rides and hence this was no different as well. 


As the riders from all corners slowly started gathering at their designated meeting point to ride towards a pre-decided common point. As the massive peloton of cyclists slowly rode through the main roads of Kolkata, it was indeed a sight for all passersby to gaze at us. Many of them also wore their previous year’s GRC jersey, which looked cool together. 

GRC in association with the local club which is Cycle Network Grow in Kolkata does aim to promote cycling and build a strong community around healthy and fitter living. 

After we covered a distance of 30-35 km in and around the newer parts of Kolkata which is known as Newtown, riders gathered for a sumptuous breakfast of Idli Vada sambhar along with hot piping chai. After a hearty breakfast and several giggles later, we ended our ride by clicking many commemorative pictures only to be gathered for an upcoming ride of GRC 2024.

Giant Riding Club also comes up with jerseys each season and this year was no less. It can be easily ordered through Giant also offers amazing accessories on their site apart from their cycle which has various ranges.

With the upcoming three more rides, there are more exciting events coming up in Kolkata. Also, Giant announced to giveaway 20 free jersey’s to the riders who attends the first two rides. And if the numbers are more than 20, then a lucky draw will be conducted before the 3rd ride. So don’t wait any further & join me for the next GRC 2024 ride in Kolkata!